This Xiaomi eye massager will eliminate your eyestrain

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The last product that Xiaomi has brought to the market is an eye massager. This, based on small pressures and heat, relieves pain in the eyes and eliminates eyestrain. This product has been financed with a crowdfunding campaign.

What is crowdfunding

Xiaomi usually uses crowdfunding when it comes to financing their projects. This consists in obtaining collective financing with small donations (or not so small).

These people who decide to donate money, do so with the intention that the project is made and in return they usually receive shares of the company or some other reward.

Xiaomi eye massager

This product from Xiaomi is the number 337 that this company creates thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.

About the product concerned, it is a kind of sleeping mask. This performs a little pressure in the area of ​​the eyes with some vibrations. Likewise, it is also heated (reaching a maximum of 40ºC) to stimulate blood circulation in the eye area and reduce visual fatigue.

Eye massager

Eye massager

Although at first glance it may seem like a very simple product, it is not. This mask has two types of different vibrations, to adapt to our needs. In addition, the pressure is applied in more than 10 different points of the eye area and around the eyes.

Price of the product

Xiaomi is famous for its competitive prices and its value for money. It is for this reason that the mask costs around 40 euros, which we could say is quite affordable.

Although you may think it is a somewhat useless product, this eye massager can help soothe the pain in the eyes after spending many hours in front of a screen (PC, mobile …).


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