WhatsApp will no longer be compatible with these phones as of December 31

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Every so often, apps are no longer compatible with some versions of previous operating systems and this makes these apps stop working on some phones. This time, the app is WhatsApp and this update will be applied between December of this year and February of 2020.

WhatsApp will no longer be compatible with Windows Phone

Normally, only some quite old phones are left out (considering how fast the technology evolves). Now, in this case, the app will not stop working in the oldest versions, but the service will be incompatible with any phone with Windows Phone operating system.

While it is true that Windows has not stopped trying to place its phones and tablets on the list of best sellers, this has not been possible. As everybody knows, Apple (with iOS operating system) and Google (with Android) are the kings. Then, Windows has not managed to get to their side due to its structural deficiencies and its incompatibility with many popular apps.

Thus, WhatsApp has decided to update the list of phones that will be incompatible with their service between December 31, 2019 and February 1, 2020. The devices that have been added to this article are the following ones:

  • As of 12/31/2019: All phones with Windows Phone operating system.
  • As of 02/01/2020: Phones with versions of Android 2.3.7 and older versions.
  • As of 02/01/2020: iPhones with iOS 7 and older versions.

Next we show you the original post published on the company’s blog.

Incompatible phones

Incompatible phones / WhatsApp blog

As we have already mentioned, usually the mobiles that no longer work with any app are those that are considered to have less volume of users. Normally this is because they are quite old. Now, in this case, WhatsApp has decided to eliminate its service from all Windows Phone. So, if the user wants to continue having this service, it will be necessary to change his phone for another with an operating system compatible with this app.


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