Uber adds public transport among the options of its app in London

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If you live in London (or if you are there for work or sightseeing) the Uber app will now be even more useful than before. This is because the company has decided that when you look for your destination in the app, not only will you be shown the taxis, but you will also be shown the other means of public transport with its price and schedules.

So, the app wants to show you all the options you have to move around London, so that you are the one who decides which one to choose.

The Uber app in London offers the option of public transport

Uber intends to become one of the best mobility applications. It is for this reason that at the beginning of the year, the company decided to add the option of public transport along with the price, directions and schedules. Then, the next step has been to carry this out in London.
So, just by typing the name of the place you want to go to, the app will show you taxis, trains, trams, river boats and buses.

Public transport Uber app

Public transport Uber app

Uber explains the reason for this new function

Jamie Heywood, the regional general manager of Uber throughout the northern and eastern part of Europe, spoke about this new addition and said that London has the most important public transport network in the whole world and that they are happy to be able to offer all the transport information in real time to users.

In addition, Heywood has said that Uber try to help people to replace their car with other alternatives (taxi, train …) with a single app on the mobile.

You can not buy tickets in the app yet

Uber explained that at the moment you can not buy any ticket through the app, but they have plans to implement it in the future.

So, in a few years we may only need this mobility application to know which is the best option to go from one place to another.

What do you think of this new option that Uber has added to the app? Do you think it is useful to also show the schedules and prices of public transport?


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