Twitter allows you to add GIFs, videos or photos to retweets

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All social networks are improving their platforms so we like them even more. Well, this time Twitter has wanted to add a new option to the retweet function. And what has it been? Well, the possibility of adding a GIF, photo or video when making a retweet.

The power of images

As the saying goes, “an image is worth a thousand words” and this is as true as many times we prefer to express ourselves in images on the same social networks rather than say something in writing. And it is for this reason that emojis were invented; so that we could express ourselves better.

In fact, many times although we try to write it, we add an emoticon at the end so that the other person understands the intention of the phrase better. This is because it is easy to misinterpret the words when they are written. Then, the emojis help us to put expression to what we write. Thus, a phrase that could be interpreted as a complaint, becomes a phrase with a teasing tone just by adding a smiley emoticon.

Twitter allows you to add photos, GIFs and videos to retweets

Well, it seems that Twitter has realized the importance of the images when expressing ourselves, because it has decided to add this option to the retweets. In fact, it was its official account that informed about this new function. In addition, they have attached a GIF to show how you can add these still and mobile images to retweets.

As shown in the GIF of the previous tweet, the process to retweet is the same as always. First of all you have to click on the retweet button. Then you have to select the option to “retweet with comment”. This takes you to a screen with the tweet original and with the option to write or add a GIF, photo or video.

Finally, when you click the share button, your image appears above and the original tweet just below. So, from now on you can express yourself with images also in the retweets.


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