This country has inaugurated its first electric highway

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Germany wants to join the fight against pollution and in favor of renewable energy. It’s for this reason that they have just opened an electric highway. In this, the trucks are going to circulate as if they were trams since they are going to obtain the energy of two superior cables to which they are going to connect by means of two handles. Now, these trucks are not going to have steel wheels and they will not run on rails; they will still have rubber wheels.

At the moment, there is only one electric motorway in Germany, which is the one that connects Frankfurt and Darmstadt. What is not yet known is whether it is an experiment or if it will be useful for future projects.

It is not the first electric motorway

Although it may sound strange to us, the United States and Sweden have already inaugurated other highways like this one in 2016. In these two countries, electric and hybrid trucks are also connected to the cables to make them work.

Electric Trucks / Source: ComputerHoy

Electric Trucks / Source: ComputerHoy

As specified in an article published on the Computer Hoy portal, this system created by Siemens is compatible with all electric and hybrid trucks.

With this system, the trucks will not only pollute less, but will be able to circulate without spending the energy of their batteries. Also, when braking, they will supply electricity to this same network.

The trucks will circulate on the road

Oddly enough, these trucks will circulate along with the rest of the cars. A special lane will not be enabled for them, but they will be mixed with the others.

It is necessary for companies to evolve

The problem here is that although it could be a big change, it is not going to be for the moment. This is because many companies still do not have electric or hybrid trucks.

But surely if governments put many facilities to this type of vehicle, surely in a few years there will be many more. Now, what is true is that it is a very large investment. To give us an idea, to make these 5 km ranging from Frankfurt to Darmstadt have been needed 16 million euros.


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