Spotify Premium Family – How does this plan work

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If you like music in your family, you should know that Spotify has a perfect plan for you. This is called Family Plan and for a little more than a single Spotify account, it offers up to 6 Spotify Premium accounts, with all the advantages of the payment account. Now, to enjoy this offer, all people must live in the same house (with the same address).

How does Spotify Family work

Below we will explain everything you need to know about this plan proposed for any family.

Save money

A single account of this streaming service costs $ 9.99 per month. Thus, two accounts already cost $ 19.98, which is considerably higher than the cost of the plan for families that costs $ 14.99, with the possibility of adding up to 5 more accounts. So, we are talking about considerable savings at the end of the month.

spotify family account

Spotify family account

It is not a single account, but 6 individual accounts

With this pack, not a single family account is sold, but 6 individual accounts are sold. Thus, each member of the family can create their own lists and listen to their music without interfering in the accounts of others.

spotify premium for family

Spotify premium for family

Join the plan and keep your previous playlists

Even though you are now part of a new subscription, your account will remain intact. Then, you will not lose any of your playlists or saved songs.

Spotify Premium Family

Keep your playlists

A single bill at the end of the month

Although these are different accounts, at the end of the month you will only receive a single invoice with a total charge of $ 14.99.

family spotify

Same address

Subscribe to the family plan

If you want to join the plan, you can do so by accessing this link: Spotify Family Plan. What do you think of this discount for families? Remember that with this plan you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of the premium account, that is to say that you will be able to listen to music without ads in between, you will be able to choose the song you want without having to listen in random mode, etc.


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