In Japan, security guards will be virtual

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While it is true that Japan is known as the country of anime, now they have decided to take this to the field of security. So, it is expected that next year you can find virtual security guards in many of the companies and buildings, replacing the real guards.

Seacom is the security company that is behind this and has created two versions, “Mamoru” (a man) and “Ai” (a woman), which have artificial intelligence and are life-size.

Virtual security guard

Virtual security guard / Source: computerhoy

Virtual security guards also help

These guards are in a mirror, which can be placed at the entrance of buildings to perform their tasks. These ones, not only can scan from top to bottom all the people who pass by, but also are able to detect if someone tries to hide his/her identity or if someone is suspicious.

Virtual guard

Virtual guard / Source: computerhoy

Apart from analyzing, it also detects if someone has fallen to the ground and warns the medical services. In addition, it can give directions and answer simple questions that can be asked.

Logically, this virtual guard is a camera that sends images to an employee that is real. This human guardian is in charge of intervening if necessary.

This new creation, as the Secom company explains, could put an end to the problem of labor shortage in Japan. What do you think about it?


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