How to make your Facebook private

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Facebook is a social network that allows you to create public profiles and private profiles. In addition, it allows you to change from one modality to another in a few simple steps. So, in this article we will explain how to make your profile private, step by step.

How to make my Facebook private

Modifying the level of privacy of your Facebook account is very easy and fast. The first thing you have to do is go to the top menu and click on the arrow that appears on the right.

how to make facebook private

How to make Facebook private

Then, in the dropdown that will appear, you have to look for the “settings” option and click on it.

make facebook private

How to make photos private on Facebook / How to make Facebook photos private

This will take you to another page where you will have to click on the “Privacy” option that appears on the left column.

how to make my facebook private

How to make my Facebook private

At this time you will see all the privacy settings. Here you will be able to decide who you want to see your profile (everyone, just your friends …), if you want to be found with your mobile phone, etc.

By default, you will have a configuration, but you can change it by clicking on the “edit” buttons on the right of each option.

how to make your facebook private

How to make your Facebook private

For example, let’s imagine that we want to modify the option of who can see our posts. First we have to click on the “edit” button and then we are allowed to change it. In this case, we have configured that only friends can see our posts, but if we click on “Friends” a dropdown opens with the different options.

how do i make my facebook private

How do I make my Facebook private

The dropdown allows us to make our posts public, private (“friends”), private but with restrictions (“friends except …”) and only for you (“only me”). The option of “friends except…” serves to prevent some friends from seeing your posts. For example, imagine that you have your boss as a friend on Facebook but you do not want him to see the photos you upload. In this case, you select this privacy option and add him to the list of exceptions.

how to make facebook profile private

How to make Facebook profile private / How to set Facebook to private

As you can see, there are many options to choose from as far as privacy is concerned. You can make your account totally private or you can modify the configuration to your liking. We hope that this article has been useful to you and that you have been able to make your Facebook private.


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