How to change your birthday on Facebook

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Facebook is a social network that contains the personal profiles of millions of people around the world. These are completed during the registration process in the network, although they can be modified at any time. So, in this article we are going to explain how to change the your birthday on Facebook.

How to change your birthday on Facebook step by step

The process to change your birth date in this social network is very simple. The first thing you have to do is go to the top menu and click on your profile picture.

change birthday on facebook

Change birthday on Facebook

This will take you to your personal Facebook page. Here you have to look for the “about” button (it is indicated in the following screenshot).

Facebook birthday

Facebook birthday

On this page, you will see all the personal details that you have decided to share in this community: date of birth, studies, the country and city where you live, etc.

how to change date of birth on facebook

How to change date of birth on Facebook

Then, if you want to modify any of them, you just have to get on top of the one you want (without clicking) so that the “edit your contact and basic info” option appears. When it appears, click on it.

Birthday on Facebook

Birthday on Facebook

At this moment you have to look for the section of “basic information”.

Personal details

Personal details

Now, if you stand on top of “birth date” you will see how the “Edit” button appears on the right. You need to click on it to continue.

Change personal details

Modify personal details

Finally, you only have to modify the data you want and then click on the “save changes” button.

Change date

Modify date

Easy, right? We hope that this article has helped you to solve your doubts and that you have been able to change your birthday on Facebook successfully.


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