The EU will force hybrid and electric cars to make noise

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Cross the street and realize that there was a car that you did not even know was there and that it was coming towards you. This happens often with electric and hybrid cars, as they are very quiet. On the one hand, so much silence goes well because the streets are quieter. On the other hand, cars become less detectable (since we do not hear any noise) and more dangerous. And well, it is even more dangerous for people with vision problems.

Electric and hybrid cars will no longer be silent

To avoid possible accidents, the European Union has put a new measure that will be mandatory from July 1, 2021. From that day forward, all vehicles that are sold of this type will have to incorporate an audible warning that makes them audible.

This sound will have to be quite similar to that made by a conventional motor. This should not be less than 56 decibels or exceed 75 decibels when traveling at 20km / hour. In addition, it is also necessary to add that the driver will not be able to deactivate this sound.

Tesla electric car

Tesla electric car

Nissan and Jaguar have already incorporated the new sound

Nissan and Jaguar have already installed this new AVAS (Audible Vehicle Alert System). This system, has been designed to be audible in quite noisy places, such as large cities. Now, this is heard well, but without being annoying.

Another of the advances made by these companies is that the noise is different depending on whether the vehicle is accelerating, slowing down or reversing.

This new measure has been made public after demonstrating the dangers of electric and hybrids cars in some studies. Basically a pedestrian only has 1 and a half seconds to avoid being run over by a silent vehicle that is 8 meters away and that goes at 30 km / hour.


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