Download the Ryanair app for Android and iOS

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If you like traveling, you can not miss the Ryanair app. With this one, not only you can book your flights much easier and faster than from your computer, but also you will not have to print your boarding pass, because you will have it on your phone. So, if you still do not have the app, in this article we will explain how to download the free Ryanair app and how to use all its functions.

Book flights from Ryanair app

The app is very simple to use. First of all you have to register and once this is done, on the home screen you can search and book the flight you want in a few clicks.

ryanair flights

Ryanair flights / Google Play

In addition, when you find your ideal flight, you can buy it from the app, without having to go to the web to complete the purchase. Then, this trip will be saved right there, so that later you can look at it again, modify it, add baggage or check in.

Your boarding pass on your mobile

With this application you can take your boarding pass on the mobile, without having to print anything. Then, you will only have to show your phone to the hostesses to scan the QR code on your digital boarding pass.

Ryanair boarding pass

Ryanair airlines boarding pass

Flight information in real time

Apart from seeing the date and time of your flight, the boarding gate, your seat and if you have checked-in luggage, the application also has another interesting function. In this app, you will also know everything about the status of your flight in real time and if it is delayed, the same app will inform you of that delay.

Download the Ryanair app for Android and iOS

If you want you can download the official Ryanair application for free at the following links:

What do you think about the idea of having your boarding pass in the app and being able to book and check in from there? If you have already used it, tell us your experience.


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