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Every day that passes we are more stressed and have less time to meet new people. However, there are applications such as LOVOO that solve this type of problem by contacting hundreds of people close to us who are also interested in opening up to new friendships or relationships. The best of all is that LOVOO is a totally free download and use dating application, so you do not lose anything to try it. Do you join the more than 13.5 million users who are already part of this social network?

How does LOVOO work?

This app is very simple to use. The first thing you have to do to be able to start meeting people is to create a profile with your photo and information that you want to share about yourself (hobbies, age …). Then, you have to limit a radius of kilometers, which will allow the app to know how far it can go to find people for you. This is very useful, since otherwise you may find people who are hundreds of kilometers away from you and meeting face to face would not be so simple.

LOVOO dating site

LOVOO dating site / Source: App Store

Match with other people

This “match” may remind you of another dating app called Tinder. Yes, Lovoo, also has the famous Match game. In this, if two people like each other, that is, if both of them see the photo of the other person and they both click on the button of the heart (and not the reject button, which is the cross), they make “match” and they both receive a message saying that this has happened.
Now, apart from the heart and the cross icons, there is also the option to send an “icebreaker”, which allows you to send a message to the other person without having made a “match”.

Lovoo dating app

Lovo dating app / Source: App Store

Live videos

One of the functions that its users like the most is that of live videos. What better way to meet someone than to see him/her in a live video? This makes shows much more of the person behind each photo, since many times the photos do not tell the whole truth.
So, not only will you be able to know other people much better but you will also be able to make others know you better. Besides, there is also a live chat so you can talk to those who are watching your video.

Lovoo is free, but there is also a paid version

As we have said before, this app is totally free. Now, if you want you can pay a small monthly amount to access the Premium version. This, will let you use the app without advertising and it will show you the new members that register to the app before the rest of users, among other advantages.
Even so, with the free version you will be able to meet many people near you and maybe even meet your ideal partner. What are you waiting for to download the app?

Download LOVOO app

If you want to start meeting new people, you can download the application for free here:

What do you think about this dating application? Tell us if you like Lovoo or if you prefer Bodoo or Tinder and for what reason you think they are better.


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