Burger King creates Impossible Whopper, the vegan burger that tastes like meat

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The famous burger Whopper from Burger King now has its own vegan version called Impossible Whopper. This substitutes grilled beef for vegetables. You have not tried it yet?

Impossible Whopper is only available in the United States

This vegan burger at the moment can only be found in 59 establishments located in Sant Louis (United States). This was added to the menu on April 1 and the chain of restaurants ensures that if this turns out to be a success, they will add it to the rest of the country’s establishments during this year.
And what is the price of the hamburger? Well, the price with respect to the original Whopper is one dollar more.

It does not have meat, but it tastes like meat

The company has carried out an experiment to prove that the new hamburger tastes the same as the original beef. So, Burger King has sat at the table some customers who love the original Whopper and has served them the vegan version without telling them. After eating it, they were informed that it was not a meat burger and none of the attendees could believe that it was not.

Impossible Foods is the company behind this creation. This one, whose main investor is Bill Gates, went viral a few years ago after creating artificial meat in the laboratory. This was made with proteins, fats and nutrients from plants like soy. Then, they added iron atoms to get that taste of blood.

Apart from its identical flavor to the original, Impossible Whopper is accompanied by the same bread, tomato, pickle … which makes it even more the same. The only thing that differentiates them is the fact that the vegan version has less cholesterol and calories and has no trans fat.

What do you think of the Impossible Whopper hamburger? Do you want to try it? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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