Bad news: WhatsApp will get ads very soon

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First of all, we have to admit that it is half bad news. On the one hand, they are quite bad because WhatsApp will bring Stories Ads (from Instagram) to its app, which we knew would happen but we did not think it would be so soon. On the other hand, they are good news because at the moment the announcements will only appear in the status of the contacts and not in the chats.

WhatsApp Status will get ads in 2020

Chris Daniels, vice president of WhatsApp, already reported last November that the service would have ads in the status. This follows the idea of advertising that was added in the Instagram Stories.

At that time, the status were used by 450 million users. This may seem little compared to the total of users that goes up to 1500 million. Now, that figure is big enough to get big income.

It has been Olivier Ponteville, Head of Media at the Be Connect agency, who has published in a tweet the strategy that Facebook has designed for the ads on WhatsApp.

The photos he has published are from a conference that Facebook organized in Rotterdam last Tuesday. In this, an employee of the company confirmed the news. So, it is already known that from 2020, WhatsApp will get ads in the status. This will be in video or photo format with a link that, when the user swipes up with the finger, he will be redirected to the the advertiser’s page. This format is the same as the one that is currently on Instagram Stories.

Status ads

Status ads

Mark Zuckerberg wants to make the messaging app profitable

Facebook has been looking for a way to monetize the application for a long time. In fact, it was even believed that the ads could arrive in 2019. The point is that seeing how well advertising works on Instagram, the company has decided to try the same with WhatsApp.


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