Amazon has been hacked – They have stolen money from more than 100 vendor accounts

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Even the big Amazon falls into the hands of hackers. This time, a security flaw in their system has allowed funds from more than 100 accounts of their sellers to be diverted. This occurred during the year 2018; specifically for six months.

While it is true that technology brings us many positive things, it also carries a lot of negatives. And well, one of these is cyber attacks.

Amazon victim of a hack

Amazon is known for being a highly automated and technological company. This, unfortunately, is a point in favor for those hackers who want to access the system.

The company has been investigating what happened during those months. So far they have said that the perpetrators used the phishing technique to trick users and get their data.

Unfortunately, to this day, news about this type of scam does not stop coming out. With this method, users confuse an official source with another that is false and give their personal and / or banking information without realizing anything.

Thus, Amazon believes that this was how the criminals managed to access the money of these vendors. It seems that after deceiving them, they entered their accounts, modified certain data and diverted the money to their accounts of banks such as Prepay Technologies Ltd. or Barclays Plc.

The company struggles to find the culprits

To find these hackers, Amazon has requested the court of the United Kingdom (country where the attack occurred) permission to access the banking information of the criminals. Now it will be a judge who will determine the information that these banks have the obligation to provide about the hackers who diverted funds from Amazon.

At the moment nothing else is known. It may be from here at a time we all know how this whole thing has ended and who was behind this attack.


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